Monday, October 10, 2011

You Know You're in New Zealand When...

We’ve all woken up at one time or another and wondered “where am I?” (or “who am I?” but I can’t help you with that one). And if you find yourself in that confusing, disoriented state, never fear. I’m here to help you out. The following is a list of funny, weird, and wonderful things I’ve noticed about New Zealand after living here for 10 months. It is also a foolproof way to discover if you are or are not in the country New Zealand.

Note: If you realize you are not in NZ by taking this little test, you may still not know where you are, but at least you’ll know one place you’re not.

You will undoubtedly know you’re in New Zealand when:

The birds you see don’t fly
Supermarket rotisserie chickens are stuffed with bacon and the salads are topped with it
Sheep graze in normal-size suburban yards
Girls play netball (seemingly a less physical form of basketball)
Pineapple lumps and jet planes are popular candies
People drive 3 hours to go shopping
MC Hammer and the Friends theme song play on the radio
There’s only one road to take to the nearest city
Your using the word “pretentious” makes people think you’re pretentious
The most popular beer on tap is named after the tui bird
Big old vans full of unshowered backpackers fill the roads
Everyone is “mate” or “bro” despite how recently you met them
You can snowboard down a mountain and not see another person on the trail
Beetroot finds its way into every soup, sandwich, and smoothie
Gorgeous forest trails exist in everyone’s backyard, but no one uses them
The phrase “long black” means coffee
You can casually meet someone and have them invite you to live in their home for a month

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